Murphy Storage Price Comparisons between the different Facilities

Published on 10/30/2023

Storage in Murphy NC, Prices of Units from Various Facilities 

Data Retrieved: October 18, 2023

Non-Climate controlled


The chart above provides a comprehensive overview of storage unit prices in and around Murphy, NC. These prices were meticulously collected from various online sources, presenting an illuminating picture of the market. One of the key takeaways from this data is the significant influence of location on pricing. It's evident that the cost of storage units can vary substantially based on where the facility is situated.

Interestingly, 10x20 and 10x10 units emerged as the most popular sizes among customers. Among the storage providers, Deerfield and Brown's Mini Storage stand out as offering more budget-friendly options. A closer look at their locations reveals intriguing insights – Brown's Mini Storage, situated in Andrews, caters to a distinct market, potentially contributing to its competitive pricing. On the other hand, Deerfield's location, deeper into Peachtree and somewhat off the beaten path, may account for its more affordable rates.

Conversely, Circle V Storage appears to command slightly higher prices. However, its strategic location, conveniently positioned just off the four-lane highway and merely two minutes from town, may justify the marginally elevated costs. These findings underscore the importance of considering not just the size of the storage unit but also its location when making decisions about your storage needs.

Climate Controlled Storage in Murphy NC

The graph above provides an insightful perspective on climate-controlled storage pricing in Murphy, NC, with 10x10 and 10x20 units emerging as the preferred sizes. It's noteworthy that climate-controlled storage comes at a premium, averaging over a dollar per square foot. To put it in perspective, a 10x10 unit, encompassing 100 square feet, translates to paying over $100 for the storage space. When comparing climate-controlled to non-climate-controlled options, it's evident that you'll invest significantly more for the former.

However, there is a compelling case for climate-controlled storage, particularly if you're safeguarding items sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. The added expense might be justified for the protection it provides. Yet, it's essential to consider the unloading process when opting for climate control. Typically, climate-controlled facilities feature limited entry points – often four or so, with one on each end wall of the building and one or two on the sides. Navigating through hallways and the longer handling of items from your moving vehicle to the storage unit can be a less straightforward process. On the contrary, non-climate-controlled units offer the convenience of parking directly outside the unit, streamlining the loading and unloading process.